The complete, final program, as well as general conference information, is now available in PDF form here

Papers to be presented include the following:

- Hendry and Pretis  Model Selection and Shift Detection: General to Specific Modeling in Climatology

- McKitrick and Vogelsang  HAC-Robust Trend Comparisons Among Climate Series With Possible Intercept Shifts

- Beenstock, Reingewertz and Paldor  Polynomial Cointegration Tests of Anthropogenic Impact on Global Warming

- Ventosa, Herez and Catalina  Long-memory and the Sea Level-Temperature Relationship: a Fractional Cointegration Approach

- Lovejoy  Using scaling, fluctuation analysis to quantify natural and anthropogenic climate change

- Stern  Robust Granger Causality Testing of the Effect of Natural and Anthropogenic Radiative Forcings on Global Temperature

- Karner  Stationary long memory or nonstationary series with stationary increments?

- Essex  Does Laboratory-Scale Physics Obstruct the Development of a Theory for Climate?

- McCulloch  Posterior Confidence Intervals in linear calibration problems 

- Davidson  Modeling the Interactions in Paleoclimate Data from Ice Cores

- Suteanu  Surface Air Temperature Pattern Variability in the Canadian Maritimes

- van Wijngaarden  Examination of Archival Data for Inhomogeneities and Determination of Climate Change in North America

- Beenstock, Felsenstein, Frank & Reingewertz Tide gauge data and the measurement of Sea Level Rise

- McKitrick  Encompassing Tests of Socioeconomic Signals in Surface Climate Data

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